Best Ways to Increase Your Creative Inspiration

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While some may consider to be naturally creative, inspiration is not always present. Here is a collection of tips that can help you to increase your creative inspiration and maintain focus on completing the projects you want to the most.

1. Make Lists

Keep a record for your to do list. This allows you to mentally release your responsibilities without losing track and focus so you can spend more time on imagination and goals helping to fuel your creative inspiration.

2. Carry a Notebook Everywhere

Have that great idea on the go, keep a notebook handy to write down your great thoughts. It does not matter if you don’t have an plan for execution at that time. This is a perfect way to get your creativity started. You can reflect back on your notes at a later time.

3. Try Free Writing

A great way to stimulate inspiration and focus is to write freely. Start jotting down your goals and dreams to see what you may be able to one day make a reality.

4. Get Away from the Computer

Changing your format and seeking some distraction will get you refocused once you sit back down. Stretch your legs, soak up some vitamin D, or visit your local Starbucks for a latte break.

5. Quit Beating Yourself Up

If you fail, try again. If you are struck on trying to figure out the next step, take a break and concentration on something else in the meantime. Quite beating yourself up over perfection, procrastination, or anything else. Make up your mind to make a change now and start moving forward.

6. Take Breaks

Taking a break means giving yourself time to refocus and relax. Regain your concentration and take a few moments to let your mind wander before going back to the daily grind.

7. Sing in the Shower

Music has been proven to increase productivity, motivation, and your level of happiness. It also helps to stimulate your complete brain activity levels. Sing in the shower and lift your own spirits while mentally stimulating yourself as a result.

8. Drink Coffee

A nice cup of morning Joe can increase your energy levels and offer you a refreshing start to the day. Recent statistics have also proven that consuming 200mg of caffeine a day can increase your memory retention.

9. Listen to Music

If you do not like to sing in the shower because your neighbors may hear you, than turn on some music.

10. Be Open

Think outside the box and imagine the unrealistic. Share your ideas with others and be open to receive feedback and even some constructive criticism. It may get you thinking down some new paths that prove to be useful.

11. Surround Yourself with Creative People

As the old sign goes, you are who you hang around. You are more likely to stimulate creativity if you are around creative people. Listen to other people’s ideas and gain your own inspiration that way.

12. Get Feedback

If you have an idea and are unsure as to how where to go, seek feedback from others. Preferably talk to others you may revere as being a mentor in your own life or expert in the industry.

13. Collaborate

Spend some time collaborating with like minded individuals with similar interests. This can keep revive your creative inspiration and keep you moving forward.

14. Don’t Give Up

An important thought to keep in the fore front of your mind is to never give up. If you have an idea and it does not seem to move along as you expect, revisit it at a later date.

15. Practice

It takes practice to get things right so keep trying. Experiment with new variations of your plan.

16. Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

Some of the greatest inventions in life came about from many failures. It is okay to make mistakes because you learn from them. Just keep the end goal in focus.

17. Go Somewhere New

Take a hike along nature or look to other fields and objects to seek new inspiration.

18. Count Your Blessings

Spend a moment to think about how good life has been to you and count your blessings. This will help to bring you back into focus to the simple things in life and regain your creative inspiration.

19. Get Lots of Rest

Sleep is important to think with clarity so be sure to get your rest and clear your mind for the new day.

20. Take Risks

Operate outside your comfort zone and try new things.

21. Break the Rules

Breaking the rules with creativity does not mean you will find yourself behind bars. Try new things and place yourself in situations that you may find less comfortable to increase your strengths where weaknesses may currently exist.

22. Don’t Force It

If something is not coming easy to you at that moment, do not force a solution or end result. Revisit some of the other methods to regain your creative inspiration and let the rest run its court.

23. Read a Page of the Dictionary

New words and new meanings can bring about new ideas and thoughts.

24. Create a Framework

Having a plan of action and groundwork planned will help to keep you in focus of where you need to be next.

25. Stop Trying to be Someone Else’s Perfect

There is nothing good that comes out of trying to keep up with the Jone’s. You only have yourself to be happy with so do not try to fit into someone else’s idea of who or what you should be. The best inspiration is gained by looking at yourself first.

26. Got an Idea? Write it Down

Keep track of your thoughts as they come to you in that moment. It may never cross your mind again, but writing it down will allow you to keep it documented and reconsider as a viable option down the road.

27. Clean Your Workplace

Having no clutter will help to prevent any distractions or mental stresses gained through uncompleted tasks.

28. Have Fun

Spend some time having fun by doing what you enjoy.

29. Finish Something

Complete the small tasks first and gain that feeling of accomplishment. This will help to stimulate greater inspiration in tackling the larger jobs.

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