Tackle Creative Block

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Suffering from creative block can happen at any time; lasting for days, months, or even years. Blocking an individual’s flow of inspiration and creativity, many creative individuals can become plagued by the symptoms of creative block. Not all is lost however. The following strategies will help you to tackle these frustrating signs.

Top Reasons for Creative Block

One of the most important ways to tackle creative block is to identify the issues and distractions that contribute to your loss of inspiration and creativity. This will help you to tackle negative identifiers head on and get yourself back on the right path.

1. Emotional Distress: Suffering from emotional distress due to a recent life complication or stressful situation can get you locked into your own thoughts. This will oppress your ability to remain focused and think straight.

2. Stress: Stress can be brought into your life from a multitude of reasons such as financial issues, work overload, emotional issues, and living a monotonous daily routine. As a result, you can suffer from lowered self esteem and depression all leading to creative block.

3. Personal Issues: Large changes in your life such as losing or starting a new job, having a change in relationship status, and more can create mountainous conflict in your life. These types of issues can nag at your time and demand attention that takes away your creative potential.

4. Feeling Overwhelmed: Having too much work or the demands of a new child or other commitments and obligations can tug at your ability to tap into your creative mindset.

5. Work Habits: Not sleeping enough, working too hard, or waking up to early all contribute to us living a mundane life and interfere with your daily inspiration and creativity.

6. Lack of Sleep: Suffering from a lack of sleep can be just as emotionally and physically draining as suffering from stress. As a result, our brain is unable to operate at its fullest potential. The most simplest task to complete can become difficult.

While the above list outlined the top 6 reasons for creative block, a variety of other issues can result from these symptoms. You may find yourself in a position to become frustrated, have self-doubt, and a lowered self esteem. This type of destructive behavior can lead into other issues of depression and anxiety. Finding some time to take a break from life may be more easier said than done, but is needed to get yourself back into the creative zone. Follow the below strategies for breaking through your creative block.

How to Get Over Creative Block

The first action you should take is to identify your triggers. What is it that is conflicting with your ability to tap into your creativity? Is is personal problems, emotional conflicts, or something else? To start taking action, plan for something totally different. Taking this first step will allow you to suppress the little voice inside telling you that you can not do it. Use positive affirmations to get yourself motivated.

Bust through your stress by disconnecting yourself from your normal routine. Doing something different will give you a fresh start. Experiment with something new you have been wanting to do for a long while, but never took action on. Use inspiration boards and doodle to collection images and find new things that inspire you. Read a new book or test out new interests. Riding a bike or taking a job can also help to provide yourself with some mental relief.

One of the most important points to keep at the forefront of your mind is that all of these symptoms are only temporary. Trust in your abilities and aim to continue increasing your confidence. Seek help from your family and friends to get you placed on a more positive path. If this does not work out for you, seek professional help so you can bring balance back into your life.


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