Increase Your Energy

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Don’t suffer another afternoon slump when 3:00pm comes around. These smart ways to increase your energy will help you no matter the hour.


Waking up at 4:00am everyday may seem early, but it is not a bad idea if you keep it consistent throughout the week. No matter the hour, forcing yourself to wake up at the same time will help to sync your daily schedule. Don’t shy away from the morning sun either. Exposure to natural light will give you a mental jump-start.

For some extra added energy, get your caffeine fix with a cup of coffee or green cocktail with a shot of chlorophyll and probiotic. Chlorophyll will oxygenate the blood and increase vitality. Probiotic on the other hand will aid in digestion and enhance thyroid function, helping to boost metabolism.

Food a quick breakfast, consider chia seed pudding, green smoothie, or organic eggs with avocado. Grain based breakfasts can help to disrupt your blood sugar levels. With a heavy protein meal, you can keep stable energy levels. For an extra added boost during the day, drink at least six 12oz glasses of filtered water. This is the cheapest antioxidant out there.


By the time lunchtime hits, you may start feeling hungry. Hit the noon hour with a marinated kale salad with pumpkin seeds, squash, and organic chicken. Kale is a good choice for removing liver toxins and will help to prevent the feeling of sluggishness after you eat. Other good afternoon snacks are fruit or raw nuts. Apples and pears are the best fast food for the body. It gives you natural energy, pretty skin, and smooth looking hair. By 4:00pm help yourself to a healthy snack.


For dinner time, add some curry into your meal. This will increase your l-glutathine, a key ingredient to sustaining energy levels. More importantly, you should power down early giving yourself an hour before bed to power down electronic devices. Destress by writing down your to do list for the next day any other worries from the day.

Sleep on a half empty stomach to avoid being left away either to hungry or too stuffed. Be sure not to drink wine before bed for it can make you sleep and cause abnormal sleep patterns. Do yoga to relax any muscles and meditate before bed if needed. For other evening tips, check out The Best Ways to Get a Good Nights Sleep.


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