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Inspiration serves as a key to achieving great ideas, motivation, and creative thinking. To stimulate action and conquer your task list or goals, certain strategies can be deployed to increase inspiration. Be sure to have a plan in place to provide yourself with the right tools for success before performing any of the following 12 steps to increase inspiration.

Get Healthy

One of the first things to keep in mind is that inspiration and motivation reflect your own state of health. Someone that is not well rested or hydrated cannot think with a clear mind nor maintain focus.

1. Drink a glass of water during the start of you day to have a refreshing start. While some may like their coffee better, that is fine. Just follow up your first cup with a nice bottle water to give your body some clean fuel.

2. Get moving by exercising with a daily walk or visit the gym for a short cardio spin. This will improve your mental state and release any stress that is left lingering from the day.

3. Have plenty of rest to ensure you can have a clear mind and gather your thoughts during the day. This will also help to regain focus.

Have a Plan

Be sure to brainstorm and have a plan ready for what it is you want to accomplish. Staying organized will help you to not only remain focused but stay inspired when you see the tasks that are getting accomplished along the way.

4. Create a daily list of your top three tasks you want to complete. This will keep your to do list manageable each day instead of becoming discouraged by looking at an ever growing list that accumulates each passing day. Be sure to prioritize your overall tasks so you can break it down into smaller chunks to add to your daily list.

5. Follow the 50 by 10 rule that dictates working on one singular important task for 50 minutes followed by a 10 minute break to refocus. When you return to your task, you will be refreshed and regain your motivation and encouragement.

6. Spend 10 minutes each day to reflect upon your primary goals and objectives. Perform a self evaluation and be honest with yourself as to how well you are progressing.

Continue to Grow

In order to stay inspired and increase inspiration, you have to be open to continued learning and education. This will keep your skills fresh and allow you to regularly receive effective strategies for accomplishing tasks.

7. Reading blogs, magazines, and news articles will help to increase your knowledge and increase inspiration in return.

8. Browse through tutorials on YouTube and other sites posted online that help to increase your capabilities and skill set.

9. Brainstorm any idea that crosses your mind even though it may seem to be in a preliminary state at the time. Discard anything that seems unviable at the time and focus on those that spur on increased inspiration.

Embrace Happiness

Your daily mood has a lot to do with your ability to achieve daily success. Focusing on making small decisions that make you happy will pay off tenfold in the end.

10. Get off to a good start in the morning by thinking about 10 things you are grateful for. This will change your mood almost immediately and give you something to be happy about.

11. Keep your desk clean so you do not feel the mental clutter that comes along with a messy desk. Having too much clutter around you can make you feel like you have too many unfinished tasks.

12. Indulge in something that you enjoy for the day. Whether it is a treat to your favorite ice cream flavor or a visit to the nail salon. Setting aside time to relax and enjoy an activity will help to embrace increasing happiness.

These steps are just a start to get you to experiment with the best strategies that work for you to increase inspiration. Have any strategies that are not listed? Share them in the comments section below.


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