Get a Good Nights Sleep

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Recent studies have pointed to sleep as a way to boost your mood and contribute to your overall daily health and lifestyle. Getting a good nights rest can have a positive effect on your heart, weight, daily productivity, mental health and more. Your nightly habits and routines can weigh heavily on your ability to properly prepare yourself for bed. Follow these simple tips and tricks to get ready for your next good night sleep.

Set the Mood

No, I am not referring to setting out a bunch of candles and leading the way to your comfy pillow and blanket. However, having the right temperature set in your room can make way to being more physically comfortable during the night. This can vary anywhere from 60 to 73 degree Fahrenheit.

Incorporate some form of essential oils as a part of your nightly routine. Whether you add these into your bath or use them in some other therapeutic way, this can encourage your body to wind down for the evening. Getting the right type of sunlight during the day is another way to naturally set your biological clock. This will aid in balancing your natural melatonin and cortisol levels.

Put the Distractions Elsewhere

When it comes to bedtime, find a place to leave the distractions at. Your television should be in the living room not your bedroom. Additionally, your computer and phone should be left elsewhere. Turn all devices off before bedtime to get your brain in the mentality for sleep.

Make Sure Your Stomach Agrees

Studies have shown digesting food rich in magnesium and vitamin B6 are linked to insomnia and can promote sleepiness. Likewise, removing sugary sweets, juice, and fruit before bed will prevent any blood sugar spikes before bed. Instead, consume a little protein to boost melatonin.

Caffeine digestion should stop after noon to keep your body set in a natural sleep cycle. Magnesium supplements offer a great way to sleeping better and help to combat low levels. Having a cup of chamomile tea is another way to help you feel drowsier but is also naturally caffeine free, offering a calming effect for your body.

Be Mentally Prepared

Taking a good book to bed such as a the Bible, a spiritual growth book, or novel. This will help your mental state unwind, preparing you for rest. You should also maintain a sleep schedule. This will get your circadian rhythm in a mode to maintain a regular sleep schedule.

A little exercise helps to relieve stress and unwind from the daily workload and stress. Journaling in a book is another therapeutic way to chronicle reaching your goals and addressing troubles that add mental hardship. Lastly, you can spend some time meditating and praying by taking several deep breaths. This will place you in a positive mood and bring your mind and body back into balance.



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