The average wedding can cost a couple upwards of $24,000. As traditional weddings begin to blend with less conventional themes and increasingly cost efficient options, many brides to be are looking for wedding ideas on a budget. These simple do it yourself options will not only allow you to add some of your own special touch to this memorable event, while making it easier on your pocketbook as well.

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1. Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Handmade invitations can allow you an opportunity to provide a highly personalized touch to an otherwise expensive necessity to your wedding. Make your own unique shaped envelopes and use alternative materials such as paper doilies to print your invitation on. If you are looking for a more traditional calligraphy style, print directly from your computer.

2. Style Your Centerpieces

Centerpieces are found on every table of the wedding reception. Why not add your own personalized touch to these otherwise primary focal points? Many variations and styles can be used for your centerpiece depending on your tastes and theme. Combining a variety of candles sizes and colors together can create an intimate setting with round shaped tables. Get inexpensive glass bowls and fill with water to create a floating scene.

3. Accessorizing Yourself

Make your own jewelry for you and your bridesmaids. If you are looking for custom colors, dye the dresses. If you want to go less conventional, bypass the traditional fresh flower bouquet and decorate clutches or make fabric bouquets yourself.

4. Create Your Own Favors

This is on project you can easily prepare well in advance. Favors can range on a wide variety of ideas. If you have a beach theme wedding, decorate sea shells for your guests or give them a little jar of sand with a tag.

5. Pot Luck on the Food

Food can be a costly item and depending upon the level of wedding intimacy or setting, you may want to forgo traditional catering and just host a pot luck instead. If this will not meet your reception size, offer a buffet table where you can lessen costs and make it easier for guests to serve themselves.

6. Guests as Photographers

Wedding photographers can be costly. Instead have a friend serve as the designated picture taker for the reception or refer your guests to post the pictures they took of your wedding on your Facebook so you can share them with others who were unable to attend. Gather all of the digital images you can and order a special wedding scrapbook through Shutterfly for your keepsake.



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