You may find that you have easily collected dozens of business cards that are no longer of use to you. You may even find yourself with boxes of cards from an old job. If your business card clutter has came to the point of pushing the storage limits of your favorite junk drawer, do not run to the trash bin just yet. A listing of creative upcycled business cards craft projects provided below will help to revive your inspiration and turn these unwanted items into something of better use.

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1. Business Card Mini-Book

Take your business cards and convert them into an accordion album, adding mini pictures of your children or your favorite inspirational quotes.

Create the album cover by cutting two pieces of cardstock the same size of the cards and glue together than decorate. For the accordion fold, glue the cards together and add ribbon or braid near the top edge or bottom to connect.

2. Convert to Chalkboard Tags

This is a perfect way to make hanging labels or use them to label spices and flowers in your garden. Spray two coats of chalkboard paint on the cards and let them dry overnight. Attach to a toothpick for your plant or punch holes in the side to hang as a label.

3. Make Homemade Paper

Tear the cards into little pieces and use them as pulp for making homemade paper. All you need is your own blender, coat hanger, pantyhose, and iron to convert these scraps into new stationary.

4. Use as Flashcards

Use the back of old business cards and convert into flash cards. Use this idea to also cut into small scraps and change into magnetic words for the refrigerator. Add magnetic paint on one side or pop on a little magnet to a laminated card.

5. Make a Task or Chore List

By laminating the cards you can use dry erase pen and add to a magnet board or cork board to keep track of tasks and chores that need to get done. With the ability to easily erase, these cards can be reused and repurposed for other organizational boards throughout the home.

Upcycled Business Cards Craft Project

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