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There are various mediums available on the marketplace that make oil paint dry faster. This will encourage you to successfully complete your artistic works sooner. The average dry time is 24 to 48 hours. Check out the following four medium options you can start to use today.

Gamblin Galkyd Mediums

1. Galkyd.

This paint medium has a syrup like consistency and leaves a glossy finish. It is good to use as an initial first layer.

To mix, use 50% Galkyd and 50% Gamsol (or Turpentine) to keep in line with the fat over lean rule.

Winsor & Newton Liquin Original, 250 mL, Multicolor

2. Liquin Original.

This paint medium has a pungent smell and is gel like. It leaves a semi gloss finish.

Gamblin Neo-Megilp

3. Neo Megilp.

This paint medium is gel like and leaves a nice silky finish. It is preferred by many painters for its chemical components and end result.

This medium does not dry as quick as Galkyd, so you can continue to work in that area of your painting. Secondly, it also works great as a glaze.

Gamblin Galkyd Gel G-Gel, 150ml

4. Galkyd Gel.

This paint medium is great for glazing or to add texture by holding together the brush strokes.


Gamblin Galkyd Painting Medium 4 oz Bottle


Winsor & Newton Liquin Original, 250 mL, Multicolor


Gamblin Neo-Megilp 8.5 Oz


Gamblin Solvent Free Gel Medium 150Ml



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