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If you are a procrastinator, there is no need to give up hope on changing your ways. Here is a listing of exercises for increasing motivation so you can start accomplishing unfinished projects.

1. Spend Time with the Right People

Choosing the right people to be around will help to reflect how you wish to be. Hang around those that understand you, love you unconditionally, and smile all the time. Smiling can become infectious and also change your mentality and outlook about life.

2. Face Your Problems

If you are stressing and bogged down with problems about money, depression, friends, relationship, sickness, or even your job; take a positive outlook over what is going well in your life. Do what you can when you can and start to take action on things that are not going the way you want.

3. Be Honest with Yourself

The best way to approach change is to be honest about what is going right or wrong in your life. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and who you want to become. Knowing what path you should be on will help you to plan achieving your goals more realistic in approach.

4. Make Happiness a Priority

Don’t do something that will make you miserable or unhappy. Make choices for yourself and stick up for what you believe in and want to achieve.

5. Be Yourself

Trying to be or act like someone else is a waste of time. No matter who you think you are doing it for or the reason behind it, being yourself will place you in a better position to make change and get motivated to move forward.

6. Live in the Present

It is easy to dwell on things in the past or mistakes you have made. However, the time has passed for that to change now. Take notice of what can be done now and make change for the moment you are in.

7. Value Your Mistakes

Mistakes are lessons that you should value as such. Take some time to realize what you did wrong and how you can correct from making the same mistake twice. This will lead you down the path to achieve more and starting winning.

8. Love Yourself

If you do not love yourself for who you are, than how can you expect someone else to love you? Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. Look down the paths you have traveled and see how far you made it.

9. Enjoy the Things You Have

The mistake that many people make is thinking they will be happy when they reach a certain level in their life. An example is buying a home, a new car, or a new device you wanted. If you do not wake up each morning and appreciate where you are and what you have, how do you expect to appreciate your life after you get the things you want.

10. Create Your Own Happiness

As Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” What you reflect and portray to others is how you are received. Create your own happiness and be happy.

11. Give Your Ideas a Chance

It is good to be a dreamer. Give your dreams and ideas a chance by working hard to achieve your desires. If you did not succeed at a specific point you wanted to, do not omit to failure. You instead gained new experience that will bring you the future success you want.

12. Accept Challenges

Believe in yourself. Take on challenges that will help you to go and move you onto the next step to your success.

13. Choose the Right Friends

Entering new relationships can be a wonderful and positive part of your life adding value and personal meaning for yourself. However, choose the right people for the right reasons that will show you the love and respect that you deserve.

14. Give People a Chance

Even if at first meeting you do not think you may mesh well with another person, give them a chance. Be open to learning from others that may inadvertently end up changing your life forever.

15. Compete Against Yourself

Competing against others is a waste of time. Try to compete against yourself from an earlier version. Prove your own success and ability to exceed old expectations.

16. Be Happy for Others

Cheer on other people’s victories and successes and they will end up cheering for you as well. There is no better way to motivate yourself than trying to motivate others.

17. Look for the Silver Lining

In a tough situation? We have all been there I am sure. Grow stronger through the tough times and look for the silver lining that will bring you back to the light.

18. Forgive Yourself and Others

Not as easily said than done, I know. However, forgiving yourself for mistakes that you have made and forgiving others will help to bring you towards a form of resolution in your mind.

19. Help Those Around You

If you reach out to help others around you, than you may find a hand reaching out to help you in a time of need.

20. Listen to Yourself

Be true to yourself and say what needs to be said. Listening to yourself and be true to your desires.

21. Take Breaks and Manage Stress Levels

Being attentive to your current mood and stress levels will help you to take breaks when needed. This will get you powered to move forward with clarity and purpose.

22. Enjoy the Small Moments

Take time to stop and smell the roses. Wake up a little earlier to give yourself some extra time for self reflection. Have a cup of coffee and dive into the small pleasures of life. This can make a big difference in the end.

23. Accept Things Not Perfect

Perfection is the enemy. Sometimes it is better to accept and appreciate the way things are around you at that moment and not sweat the small stuff. Striving for perfection can end up clouding your ability to enjoy how things are and not how you think they should be.

24. Work Towards Your Goals Everyday

One small step made each day ends up becoming giant leaps to reaching your goal. Make sure you make logical steps that make sense.

25. Open Up Your Feelings

Keep your heart and feelings open to others closest to you. This will increase your ability to be receptive to others and their love and help they want to give you.

26. Take Accountability

Be accountable for your own life and choices. Every person faces some form of obstacles. Look for ways to overcome your obstacles and make life easier on yourself.

27. Actively Nurture Relationships

Nurture relationships and invest time in others that prove to be the best people for you to be around. Those that bring you negativity should be placed last in line.

28. Concentrate On Things You Can Control

Invest your time, effort, and energy in things you can change for the better. Focus on making the biggest difference for yourself with what you can make happen.

29. Focus on Possibilities

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and focus on possibilities. Even if they prove to be challenging, look for the open cracks in the wall you can knock down and make a reality.

30. Notice Your Current Wealth

Be grateful for what you have and what you can make happen. Take small steps that turn into small accomplishments. This will motivate you later one to tackle larger problems.

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