16 Creative Ways to Decorate a Small Space Infographic

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Living in a small space does not mean you can not live large. Here is a listing of 16 ways to decorate your small space to make it seem larger and more comfortable.

1. Hang Long Curtains

Installing curtain rods high towards the ceiling and using long curtains that hang to the floor will give the illusion of a tall window. This will also contribute to your room looking bigger.

2. Paint Furniture

If you are living in an apartment and unable to paint the walls, you can paint the furniture instead to add some color into the room.

3. Increase Functionality

Choose furniture that is able to be multi functional. This will give you the best of both worlds. An example is placing a long table against the wall that doubles as a home office or buffet area.

4. Conceal

If you are stuck with eye sores in your place, find ways to cover them up. An example is using a tri-fold screen to cover up a radiator heater.

5. Reinvent the Dining Room

The dining room is considered to be one of the least used spaces in a home. If you are on a shortage for space, do not waste this precious square footage. Turn it into an alternative living space.

6. Use Your Walls

Walls can offer additional storage options by integrating floating shelves. Décor can be easily adapted to suit the room and rotated as needed.

7. Use Open Storage

Simple items such as an industrial shelf will expand your space and storage needs. Add baskets on open shelves to store small lose items and materials easily.

8. Lay Rugs

Using rugs will help to add some style to drab flooring and offer more design to your environment.

9. Build Up

Installing wall to wall bookshelves that go top to bottom will make you place look bigger while giving your more storage space. The closer the wall units are to the ceiling, the larger your space will look.

10. Add Mirrors

Framed mirrors used to highlight décor can be installed around the house to help increase the illusion of a larger space.

11. Create an Entry

If your current space lacks an entry way, create one with items such as a simple bookcase and hanging hooks for coats.

12. Remove Doors

Removing closet foots will open up space while adding a new visual appeal. Closets will also be more prone to become useful spaces that you use more with added functionality.

13. Use Dark Colors

Dark colors help to create the illusion of depth in a small space. Using color such as charcoal hues will allow you to contrast with brighter colors to add texture.

14. Focus on the Details

Add details such as ornate designs to embellish and give the most cramped space a look of grandeur.

15. Big Furniture = Big Statement

The old mindset use to be that small bedrooms meant small furniture pieces. Now a days, using larger pieces help to make a bigger statement through the use of less furniture. This tends to take the focus off of the size of the room and oddly placed windows.

16. Shine Light Upwards

Use lighting that works vertical both ways. This can make a room look bigger and will also prevent a shadow looking state in your space.


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