Get Rid of Paper Clutter

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Paper clutter is one of the easiest things to accumulate on your countertops and table surfaces. Not having the right process in place to deal with it can make you feel disorganized, mentally distracted, and overly anxious. Follow these great tips to get rid of paper clutter and take control back.

1. Have an Inbox in Place.
If you create a home for your paper, it will be easier to centralize your clutter. This will allow you to see how much paperwork you have to go through and further assist in creating an actionable list.

2. Toss Out Any Junk As Soon As Possible.
If you know when you first see it that you do not need it, toss it out right away. This will save you time later by having less of a stack to deal with and make it less overwhelming. You will increase you motivation by feeling like you are keeping your clutter under control and taking steps needed to deal with it..

3. Bill Pay Online.
Eliminate paper clutter by cutting down what bills come to the house. Pay them directly online through the bank. This will prevent any misplacement of bills, further helping to save you on late payment fees.

4. Organize to You.
Organize in a way that makes sense to you. If you find that you operate best on a kitchen counter, than set up a mail center there.

5. Use Evernote.
Evernote is just one example to the types of note software out there that help you to capture anything online with your smartphone or desktop. This will help to synchronize what you have on the web and allow you to create a task list that is accessible from anywhere.

6. Digitally Convert.
Scan important documents, receipts, pictures and more to preserve them conveniently online. This will make it easier to retrieve these items in the future and keep you more organized without storing paper clutter elsewhere.


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