Closet Organization Tips

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Closets normally contain the smallest space in your home. These areas can quickly become a central hub to clutter, serving as a first choice hideaway spot for unused, unwanted, and forgotten items. Closets pose a threat to any home’s ability to keep up a sense of order and organization. The above checklist provides a perfect opportunity to start reclaiming these easily forgotten areas. By tackling one item off your checklist each day, you can easily make progress in the short-term. This will help to urge you to take future initiatives in other areas of your home.

Some action items to particularly pay attention to include making tough decisions such as donating unwanted items. The more sentimental bunch may find this to be one of the most difficult decisions to make during the organization process. Closets quickly become places for keeping storage of items that may be outdated and hinder your current home decor, but contain objects from your sentimental past. In order to make the necessary space you want, have a donation box ready to fill with discarded items to help your dream become a quicker reality.

Secondly, having the right tools for success will make your new endeavor run smoother. Invest in quality hangers, shoe storage units, and anything else that may help you in gaining proper and adequate storage solutions. Assign zones in your closet that define areas for storing shoes, accessories, and various clothing types such as dresses and jackets to aid in the organization process.


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