Household DIY Hacks

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Life does not have to be difficult. Neither does managing your household. These do-it-yourself hacks for your home will make everyday inconveniences cease to exist. Here is a look at some of the top hacks you can initiate right away.


When you undergo that next project to spruce up your home with a fresh coat of paint, keep your area clean by following these simple hacks. Everyone that has worked with a can of paint has experienced some form of spillage. Punch holes into the rim of the paint can to let air travel through when pouring the paint and prevent spill over when you are done turning the can right side up. Another common area for spillage is when it comes to painting the ceiling with your brush. Simple attach absorbent material around the metal part of the brush to capture any dripping paint.

If you want a new way to wipe excess paint off your brush rather than running it over the rim of your paint can, attach a rubber band around the can to wipe the brush against. Simple remove and dispose of this band when you are done. When you finished using your paint rollers and brushes, place a plastic bag around them and store in the freezer before using again. Once they thaw out they will be ready to use for your next project.

If you experience a shortage of supplies such as running out of masking tape while in the middle of your project, don’t worry about having to run to the nearest home improvement store. Simple grab some foil from your kitchen to wrap around door knobs and handles. If you are switching between several paint colors, place a shopping bag over your paint tray. When you are done, let the paint dry and swap the bag out with a fresh one, never dirtying your tray.

Tool Storage

Ever have difficulty with locating your screwdriver just to tighten a loose screw? Having unorganized tools can cause you unnecessary hassle. Improper storage methods can also ruin your tools such as rust on the pliers that you just purchased, used once, and added to the toolbox. Instead of letting your rarely used tools looked like they have gained years of age on them, place a few pieces of blackboard chalk in each compartment.

For that painting project you just finished, place your paint brushes with holes at the end of the handle on a coat hanger to hang upside down and dry. If your project requires a few tools, create a makeshift tool belt by cutting a slit in the cuff of an old glove so your belt can pass through. Next, cut off the ends of the fingertips to slide your screwdriver and flathead through.

There is nothing like adding a little difficulty to accessing your tools than a project that takes you up a ladder. Going up and down a ladder to grab another tool can be tiring. Instead, tighten a c clamp on the ladder for extra storage, hanging a bucket or tools from. For sharp objects stored in your garage, prevent unnecessary cuts by slicing a hose lengthwise and placing it over the blade.

Nails and Screws

These necessities can become easily misplaced, but serve a vital purpose. When working with wood screws in tight holes, simply wet it gently with a bar of soap to easily get it in. This will help them grip better and get screwed in tighter. If you find yourself accidentally stripping a screw, just place a rubber band across the end of it to easily turn. This will give you that extra bit of traction where needed. When you are hanging pictures, store your nails at the bottom of your hammer by gluing a magnet to it. Just make sure not to poke yourself.


Drilling may get the hole drilled or attach the screw, but can inadvertently lead to more hassle than needed. When drilling a hole in the wall, place a post it note folded underneath to help catch the dust and keep your floor clean. Easily remove and dispose of when done. Before hanging up pictures, photocopy the back of your frame to make an exact template of where you should drill. This will save you time and prevent any unnecessary holes. When you need to fill up holes, cut down a wooden dowel, golf tees, or even toothpicks and sand to smooth.


Gardening can be a soothing hobby, especially when you follow some of these great hacks to make your job get even easier than before. Ever loose a tool left among the foliage? Paint your garden tool handles bright colors to easily spot in the future. Take a milk carton and pop a few holes at the top to make your own watering can. This not only helps to reduce waste, but makes less of a mess when you water. Line your planting pots with polystyrene peanuts to help drainage and reduce the weight. If you use garden twine, plant it in a funnel on the wall to easily dispense from and prevent tangling.


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