Living Room Layout

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The living room is one of the most used and versatile spaces of any home. Depending upon your personal needs or goals for your own home, these five great living room layout styles will help to make any space more functional.

1. Focal Point

If you have an area you would like to make the centerpiece of your room, place your main sitting pieces towards that focal point. This can be a bookcase, fireplace, or even television set. To easily change this environment to become multi-functional, arrange side armchairs in the opposite direction.

2. Conversational

The conversational style living room setup is arranged with the chairs and sofas facing each other and grouped together. The area should be oriented in such a way that people do not walk through the middle conversational area.

3. Kid Friendly

This type of room is multi purposed. With a conversational area on one end and play zone in the middle, natural divides are designed to accommodate its many uses. Add storage spaces for kids toys with side tables or under coffee table areas.

4. Visual Balance

Visual balance is gained by balancing out the size and weight of the items against one another. An example is a sofa placed across two large size arm chairs situated next to each other. Items are grouped by their similar interest.

5. Symmetry

This layout style works best for formal room layouts. Furniture items, decorations, lamps, and other items are used in symmetry placed across from each other. Asymmetrical arrangements can be used to create a more casual feeling room.

Designing your living room layout does not have to be a difficult task. It is important to remember that form always follows function and a room is best balanced when traffic flow is considered along with the use of space in your overall design. Be mindful of doorway locations and where traffic flow will occur before configuring your furniture groupings. Complete any living room design with brightly colored artwork, vintage and modern accessories, and earthy browns to reflect nature.


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