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Mason jars offer a great way to extend countertop storage or add decorative elements to any room. There are many ways you can color mason jars to get the desired appeal to complement your motif. Simply follow the directions below or watch the video for more details on completing this project today.

Acrylic Paint
For a solid color, simply add your acrylic paint mixture into the inside of the jar for complete coverage. Swirl the paint around, ensuring to cover all areas and place the jar upside down back over the cup until all excess paint is removed. Let dry and begin us as a decorative piece or storage.

Color Tinted
This method will maintain the glass appeal with added color tint to the jar’s look. Simply add food coloring to your mod podge, follow the same directions for coloring with acrylic paint to make sure the entire area of the jar is covered. To permanent color, bake the jars upside down in the oven, lined on wax paper.

Distressed Jar
This method requires a paint brush, painting the outside of the jar first. Use a basic acrylic paint, applying three coats. Next, use a chalk paint and apply a single layer and let dry. Take 120 grit sand paper and carefully sand the raised areas of the jar to get your desired distressed look.


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