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Popular belief is based on the perception that only intelligent or naturally artistic individuals are creative. However, the exact opposite is true. Research proves that once people surpass a 120 IQ, intelligence and creativity have nothing to do with one another. What keeps people from tapping into their creative mindset are bad habits acquired over a long period of time.

Business owners can easily launch themselves into a creative rut from following the same tactics over and over again. To keep customers interested in you and prevent your business from becoming stale, identify your root causes and start making change now. Common issues experienced in businesses are a loss of personal engagement with customers and a need for insight from outside experts. A listing of 7 ways to start jump starting your creativity in business are:

1. Stop Being Uncertain

Commonly, people want to see the black and white of a situation or seek absolutely clarity. Being creative has nothing to do with drawing inside the lines. In fact it is the complete opposite. Some things are never meant to be understood. Embrace the chaos and you can gain an advantage over others. This will lead to the creation of new ideas and innovative results.

2. Don’t Just Work, But Play

You always hear the mantra “Work Hard – Play Hard,” but who ever said that had any bearing on creativity. Your mind is the most effective when it is at playtime. Play and work can be the same thing, especially when you are looking for ways to reinvent your business or yourself.

3. Create Than Evaluate

Do not always try to think of the end result or final product in the first stage. Think creatively first and get your ideas and thoughts down on paper. This will allow you to hit the most innovative ideas and give them a chance to grow. You can edit and evaluate the details later.

4. Do Not Worry About Mistakes

Trying to avoid failure will only contribute you to avoiding success. When you learn from your mistakes, you will benefit from your right choices. The more chances you take, the more you will succeed. The biggest thing to remember is not to give up.

5. Believe in Yourself

Increasing your creativity, involves increasing your confidence in yourself. By understanding creativity, you will know that failure helps you to learn and the best of ideas may seem initially crazy. However, nothing is impossible and everyone has the potential of being creative. You just need to tap into your inherent abilities and tear down mental barriers you have in place.

6. Do Not Let Others Discourage You

Forgive and forget the naysayers. Advice surrounded around conforming and not rocking the boat will only stifle your creativity. Ignore this type of advice and seek your creative prowess. Let this instead encourage you to continue to move forward.

7. Swallow Information in Small Bites

Too much information can become too overwhelming and place barriers in your creativity. This can lead to too much information, clouding your judgment and creativity from flowing. Limit your information at certain points and take more action.

Have you found any techniques that work best for you? Share and comment below.


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