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Whether you just purchased a home you want to remodel or upgrade your current home, the collection of cheap home improvements will give you affordable options to transition your home to a more comfortable place to live in.

General Improvements

Don’t know where to start? Look towards making general improvements to your overall home. These can consist of the follow areas and costs.

1. Add New Paint – $920
2. Upgrade Lighting Fixtures – $400
3. Weatherstrip Windows and Doors – $500
4. Add Shelves and Cabinets – $500
5. New Front Door – $200 – $1000


If the kitchen is where you spend most of your time and find that it needs a facelift, the follow areas are the best to tackle first.

6. Counter Backsplash – $800
7. Kitchen Countertop Replacement – $600
8. Upgrade Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – $138 a cabinet
9. Under Cabinet Lightening – $240
10. Retile Floor – $750 for 100 sq feet

Living Room

For those looking to make the living room more functional and comfortable, tackle these small areas for a quick change.

11. Improve Lighting Scheme with Wall Scones – $350 per fixture
12. Decorate with New Artwork, Pillows, and Vintage Items – $100 – $300


The bathroom is one of places where luxury and comfort are enjoyed. Change the atmosphere with these affordable home improvement options.

13. Replace Old Fixtures – $50 – $300
14. Replace the Bathtub – $690
15. Install Accents or Mosaic Tiles 0 $550 – $700
16. Regrout Tiles – $610 per 100 sq feet


The bedroom is considered your sanctuary. Make it more enjoyable by making these easy changes.

17. Install New Blinds – $5 – $150
18. Add New Bedding – $50 – $250
19. Buy a New Bed – $250 – $1000
20. Add New Accent Tables – $20 – $450

Tips to Save Extra Money with Your Home Remodel or Upgrade

If you are strapped on cash and looking for additional ways to squeeze an extra few dollars out of your home improvement project, follow these great tips.

• Purchase second hand items from thrift shops.
• Buy during sales.
• Go straight to the manufacturer for tiles.
• Research and plan your project.
• Read DIY home improvement books and magazines for ideas and tutorials.
• Search on YouTube for helpful videos.
• Rent expensive tools you need instead of buying them.

For any home improvement project, keep it modest and practical to ensure your home does not lose any market value from bad choices. Anticipate last minute changes that may happen during your project. Prioritize your safety and exercise extra caution when it comes to wiring and electrical. If hiring a contractor, be sure to check reviews online and ask for their credentials.


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