Vertical gardens have become popular for small outdoor spaces, balconies, and even urban living styled gardening. Using a recycled pallet is not only eco-friendly but functional for growing small containerized plants or herbs. The following directions will help you create your own vertical garden out of a recycled pallet.

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– A Wooden Pallet
– Sandpaper
– Staple Gun & Staples
– Hammer & Nails
– Landscaping Fabric
– Planting Soil (2 Large Bags)
– Plants or Flowers
– ┬╝in Thick MDF (as needed)

Step by Step Directions to Creating a Vertical Garden

1. Prepare Your Pallet
Get your pallet ready by sanding down any rough patches and fixing loose or missing nails. If your pallet is missing a backing, use a quarter inch thick MDF board and nail into place using approximately 12 nails. This backing will help to prevent soil spillage at the back. If you intend of planting edibles in your pallet, be sure to find out if it was heat treated versus being previously fumigated.

2. Staple Fabric to Pallet
Take your landscape fabric and double it up in thickness, stapling the fabric along the sides of the bottom and back of the pallet. This will serve as a protector and house the soil inside the openings of the pallet. Be sure to smooth your fabric out every two inches along the front edge of the bottom.

3. Fill with Soil
When your pallet is ready to be filled with soil, be sure it is laid flat on the floor. Press the soil firmly into the pallet, leaving just enough room for planting.

4. Add Plants
Start your planting at the bottom of your pallet. As you work your way up, be sure each plant is packed in tightly before adding in the next layer.

5. Water and Let Sit
Once all your plants are laid into the soil, water thoroughly and leave your pallet sitting horizontal for 2 weeks to allow the plants to take root.

6. Stand Upright and Maintain
Once the plants are rooted, you can stand your pallet upright and enjoy your new vertical garden. Water your vertical garden regularly, paying special attention to the bottom two openings being the driest. You can fertilize with water soluble fertilizer by adding it into your watering can.


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