Mason jars have been taking crafters by storm with the endless opportunities they provide for creating decorative storage and while making your home more functional. Here are the best 14 projects to do for recycling mason jars.

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1. Wall Organizer

Easily create a hanging wall organizer with mason jars. This will extend your storage space off the countertops while adding a decorate element to your storage. All you need are some hose clamps, a piece of wood preferable 2 foot by 7 inches, and a picture hanging kit. Stain the wood or paint your desired color, attach the hose clamp to the wood with a screw, and adjust the clamp to snugly hold the floating jar.

Mason Jar Wall Organizer

2. Flower Pots

If you want to start your own container garden, reach for your closest mason jar left lying about. Start by piling rocks at the bottom to add some extra drainage and fill with soil. Add your cuttings and fertilize as desired.

Mason Jar Flower Pots

3. Hanging Outdoor Lighting

Mason jars are a popular choice to use for lighting allow you to easily convert these to hanging lights with a few added modifications. Grab some 16 gauge wire and small cable chain to create your hanging mechanism. The wire should be placed in a half moon shape whereas you can slip in each end of the cable chain onto the partial hoop. Twist the wire around the top part of the jar, using pliers to tighten the wire snugly around the jar, Place tea lights inside for some dim lighting outside.

Mason Jar Hanging Outdoor Lighting

4. Cosmetic Organizer

Using the above instructions for creating a hanging wall organizer, use mason jars in your bathroom for storing cosmetic supplies, keeping necessary items easily within reach.

Mason Jar Cosmetic Organizer

5. Sewing Storage

Convert a mason jar into chic sewing storage paired up with a decorative and functional pin cushion on top. Just use some scrap fabric, glue gun, stuffing, and scissors to complete this project. Using the inside lid of the mason jar, cut a circle 1 inch wider than the jar and start to attach to the inside with hot glue. Leave a small opening to apply stuffing before sealing with hot glue. Once complete, take the glue and apply to the inside of the outer lid piece and place together. Store small bobbins of threads, needles, and other supplies inside.

Mason Jar Pin Cushion and Sewing Kit

6. Spice Storage

Mason jars are also an ideal choice for reusable storage in your pantry. Use to store spices, dry goods such as pasta, and more as seen in the picture below.

Mason Jar Spice Storage

7. Succulent Plant Display

Create a succulent garden by compacting moss into the bottom of the jar and layering with rocks. Add a loose layer of potting soil before placing your succulent inside.

Mason Jar Succulent Plant

8. Soap Dispenser

Grabbing a soap bottle pump, some glue, and spray paint; you can easily create a mason jar styled soap dispenser. Draw a circle on the inner lid the size of the opening for your soap container. Using a small screw driver inside the circle, tap it in with a hammer continuing to make holes until you can remove the piece. Make sure your circle fits over the existing soap bottle. Take the soap bottle and cut off the top of the bottle just below the threads using a hand saw. Attach through the inner lid and glue. Place the remaining dispenser parts through and trim any excess from the bottom to fit the right height for your dispenser. Attach and fill with soap.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

9. Mini Desserts

Using these jars for creating mini desserts serve as a great idea for holiday gifts or parties. You can accentuate the jar by wrapping twine around the top and hanging a tag or attaching a spoon with it.

Mason Jar Mini Desserts

10. Hanging Chandelier

There are many variations you can do to using mason jars for indoor lighting. Attaching to existing fixtures is one way to use these jars for illuminating your light. You can also create an attachment display in the style of a chandelier and place candles inside instead. Frosting the jars allows you to additional decorate with style and texture.

Mason Jar Hanging Lighting

11. Candy Pedestal

Create a candy pedestal for a party or special event by gluing your mason jar with e6000 to a candlestick. Spray paint the stand to your desired color and match it to the lid of your jar. Fill it with candy and add any additional decorative labels to the jar itself.

Mason Jar Candy Pedestol

12. Art Storage

Using as art storage for your children or store stationery supplies by attaching labels on the outside and placing on a desk top.

Mason Jar Art Storage


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