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A craft room serves as a place to embrace your vision and create what is seen in your mind’s eye. This does not always lead to a very organized and uncluttered space. To make the most out of your area, follow these simple tips by At Home with Nikki to keep your craft room clutter under control.

1. Keep Your Supplies Easily Accessible

Organize your space to have your most commonly used supplies within arms reach. Store your items in open areas of designated storage to prevent them from having to removed from a container or bin, placed on your table or floor, and left behind creating a space that will harbor future clutter.

2. Create Zones for Your Workspace

Every successful crafter’s room needs to have an established zone for storing certain supplies and designating a workspace to craft on. Based on how you craft, accentuate your workspace to include the necessary items to accommodate your personal needs. From establishing an area to store your cell phone and personal items while crafting temporarily, or a dump bowl for supplies to sort later, creating workspace zones will help to keep your crafting area clutter free for getting your projects done.

3. Make the Most Out of Your Storage Solutions

Designate storage areas to keep ongoing craft projects in. This will give you an area to storage your supplies in and keep your desk clear when not crafting. This great solution will help you to also keep focused as you can only work on one project at a time.

4. Have an Area to Dispose of Scraps and Unwanted Items

Create a scrap and donate area for your area that helps you to keep focused on purging unwanted supplies. When the bin gets full, take the scraps and create mini kits to give away or serve a friend with future crafting possibilities by just punching or making tags with your scraps.

5. Have Your Own Cleaning Bin

To keep your area fresh and clean, place a bin full of cleaning supplies for your room aside to use regularly. This will make cleaning convenient and allow you the opportunity to easily freshen up your space as you desired.

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