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These stylish and chic organizers make the perfect accent to any bathroom, vanity, or closet. Store your small nail polish collection and display your most favorite and frequently worn accessories on these display holders.

Supplies Needed:

  • Glass or plastic plates
  • Goblets or small vases
  • Glass paint
  • Decorative embellishments for filler
  • Glue Gun
  • Paint brushes

These directions are for a three tier display requiring a total of two glasses or vases and three plates or trays.

Step One:
Paint your plates to the desired color.

Step Two:
Take your glass filler or embellishments and pour into the glass until full.

Step Three:
Place glue around the rim of the first glass and attached the painted plate with the top facing down.

Step Four:
When attached, turn the glass upside down now placing the plate right side up.

Step Five:
Add glue to the bottom of the second glass which will create the next tier which is currently faced towards the top. Join together with the second painted plate.

Step Six:
Lastly, glue the bottom of the glass near the top and attach the third tier.

Add your jewelry accessories, nail polish, and more to your newly formed display. For additional display pieces, follow these same directions and change the colors or filler to your desired taste. Be sure to watch the video above to see these directions in action.

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