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With just a few cooking tools hanging on your belt, get out your apron and get ready to chow your way into this years 4th of July celebration with these 5 great grilling tips.

1. Begging for Burgers?
When it comes to throwing some beef patties onto the grill, make sure to indent the top of the raw meat. This will help you to avoid a puffy center that does not cook as evenly in the end.

2. The Secret of Kabobs
If you will be putting together some kabobs this Independence Day, make sure not to overcrowd your skewers. If you leave your meat a little breathing room, your chicken will be juicier.

3. Use the Right Tools
If you are grilling some fish or chopped vegetables, get a hold of the right tools. Items such as grilling grates are perfect for keeping your food from falling into the fire.

4. Flavor the Right Way
Keep your vegetables from sticking to one another or drying out by lightly adding olive oil to them. Mix and blend them together in a bowl with some added spice for flavor.

5. Know Your Cook Time
Your cook time can dictate how your food is best grilled. For food that takes less than 20 minutes to fully cook, use direct heat. If your food takes longer, use indirect heat.

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