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It does not take a large budget to build a successful garden that maximizes your space. Here are some key tips to remember from this infographic.

1. Perfect Soil Means Perfect Measurements
Be sure to use the right soil mix. Combine a third of blended compose, a third of peat moss, and a third of coarse vermiculite. Chosen alternatives are nutrient-rich soil for homemade compost and coconut fiber in place of peat moss.

2. Establish Boundaries
Adding string to your gardening box will make watering more centralized for your crops as well as assign them a home in your garden. Additionally, these areas help to prevent over planting and crowding.

3. Go Organic
Stick with the types of plants that will garner the most results to your health. Highest pesticide yielding crops in the stores are tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, celery, strawberries, blueberries, and more. Choose to go organic with your garden to cut down your pesticide exposure by 95% in two weeks.

4. Maintain Your Garden
Majority of vegetables are ready to be harvested in 40 to 60 days. Be ready to pick the fruits of your labor and ensure new growth the following year. Save the seeds to replant and expand your garden next season.

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