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Scott Adams once said,

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

I personally appreciated this quote since it mentions two of my favorite words: “art” and “creativity.” In thinking of these words, I asked myself what is the difference between art and creativity. Isn’t being creative being artsy? Or is art just the direct result of your creative efforts? I tend to think that the term of art and creative have become so interchangeable that I liked how this quote distinguished between the two.

The first saying that being creative is in all essence does not gain the same result. Being creative is just the beginning action of making art. So you can make mistakes, try new things, and mix in new elements. In the end, the art part is knowing which ones to keep.

Well is there anyway to really say what is right or wrong in art? It is a reflection of your own desire and imagination that created it. You will know to keep it, when you stop looking at your piece of art and considering what possible things you can add to make it better.


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