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What is your Etsy shop name?
Jessicasbridal, my full business name is Jessica’s Jewels and Bridal.

Where are you located?
I live and work in Santa Rosa, California

Summary of what your shop offers:
My shop offers bridal jewelry and everyday wear jewelry and accessories, just about everything contains Swarovski, I love sparkle. I have bridal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bridesmaid sets, flower girl bracelets, plus necklaces, earrings and bracelets for any other occasion.

How long have you been practicing your craft?
I have been making jewelry for about a year now. I mostly learned from books and just “figuring it out.” I work for a little bead store by my house now and then, my boss there has given me pointers and advice. Another one of my bosses Beki Haley gave me some advice too that I have used to make my embroidered items.

What made you decide to start an Etsy shop?
I decided to start an Etsy shop because I had a lot of jewelry, all my friends said my stuff was great, I just couldn’t get it out for people to see. I discovered how reasonably priced Etsy was and decided to give it a try.

What makes your Etsy shop stand out from all the others out there?
I think what makes my shop stand out is that I don’t just have jewelry for one occasion, I love to make everything, so you will find something for everything!

What do you find to be the most fun and rewarding about having your own shop?
The most fun and rewarding thing about having an Etsy shop is that I can choose what to list, I can organize it myself, and most of all, all the support from the community! I love the teams and treasuries! Everyone trying to help each other is great.

What does customer service mean to you?
To me customer service means making your customer happy! I have been in customer service for almost 20 years, I have gained a lot of insight along the way. So Customer service means being fair, listening to your customer, taking care of needs, exceeding their expectations, and always being respectful!

Where do you find your motivation and inspiration when sales are slow?
So far, sales have been really slow. I just keep plugging away, knowing that it doesn’t happen overnight. Seeing that other Etsy artists started out slow and are now very successful keeps my motivation up. When creating romance is a huge motivation, I love soft colors, femininity, and sparkle!

Where do you see your Etsy shop in a year? Or where would you like to see it?
In one year I would like to be busy. My dream is to make women happy to buy my jewelry and make them feel beautiful. It will be an honor for women to choose my jewelry for their weddings or any occasion.

What words of wisdom do you have for readers who are considering opening a shop on Etsy to sell their own handmade creations?
For anyone thinking about starting an Etsy shop, I would say get involved in the community! Join groups, do treasuries, participate in blogs, and most importantly…. share the love! See the beautiful things that other people are doing, let them know you like it, you could just make someones day.

Which items in your shop is your favorite?
Beadwoven crystal snowflake bridal bracelet

Do you have a current promotion you would like to share?
Yes, you can save 20% off anything in my store by just referencing this blog post with coupon code BLOG20. Use during checkout to save now!


Visit Jessica Bridal’s Etsy Shop here:

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