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Etsy has provided a large marketplace for crafters to connect and get their one of a kind handmade creations sold and put into the hands of anxious consumers. With a multitude of competition and creativity shooting through the roof on each page, finding your own sliver of success in this marketplace can be difficult. Here are some amazing tips to running a successful Etsy shop that will get you started and on the right track.

1. Know Your Audience.

The first step to running a successful Etsy shop is knowing your product and who you intend to see it too. Etsy is made up of three primary selling categories. The first is vintage. This is defined by any product that is 20 years or older. The second sale category for Etsy is craft supplies which are raw materials and supplies used in the process of creating an end handmade product. Lastly, you have a large array of handmade goods that range from clothing, accessories, jewelry, household, and paper crafts.

Knowing the specifics of your product and the demand for it will help you to grow a future customer base and create an audience for your shop. Before you get started, study the marketplace and other shops that are similar to your product to see what types of consistencies you can find among their buyers and product listings.

2. Be Customer-Centric.

When you decide to sell on a handmade marketplace like Etsy, there is going to be some creativity and personal touches expected to be added to your shop. Understand how to wow and engage your customer. Be clear on policies and be creative with packaging.

You can never fail with solid communication. Keep customers informed about turnaround time, availability and access to custom orders, and any way you can better serve them to meet their individual needs and expectations. This will build a rapport with your customer and keep them coming back in the future.

3. Create a Shop, Not a Product.

Having a fully stocked shop is needed in order to show that you are ready and open for business. Many people may only throw on a few items. But if you really want to create a business for yourself, you need to create an inventory that is enough to supply a shop for potential growing demand. I would recommend a minimum of 20 products for your first day and continue to add new products regularly.

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4. Be Different.

When you have a highly competitive marketplace, taking an opportunity to set yourself apart can make a big difference in customers finding you and continuing to recognize and associate your brand in the future. Differentiating yourself can be done in the way you brand your shop, how you tell your stories, the way you take pictures, and the way you package your products.

Create a banner and logo that reflects your brand and tell a story about yourself and your business. Share your process and materials. Share photos of your workspace and find ways to continue to build a personal connection with customers.

5. Take Amazing Photos.

Online shopping means customers can not touch the items. Photos offer one way to directly grab the attention of the customer and maximize their value. On Etsy, you can upload multiple photos of each product. This allows you new opportunities to play with light, style with props, and provide custom options in secondary photos.

6. Be Detail Oriented.

Selling is all in the details. When you connect with customers online, every little detail matters. Use everything at your disposal to make their buying experience a positive one. Convey your love for the craft and find a way to get your packaging to stand out by labels, tuck ins, custom stamps, and personalized thank you cards.

7. Get Search Friendly.

SEO rules the web and therefore controls the marketplace on Etsy as well. Be conscious of the words you use in titles, descriptions, and tags. All of these details are powerful tools for you to find new customers and bring them through your shop doors.

Etsy has a stats tool that allows you to track traffic sources and keywords. This information can be used to help you figure out what is working and what is not.

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8. Stay Connected.

Part of growing a successful business is staying connected with your customers. To run a successful Etsy shop, you have to be engaged and motivated. Stay connected with other sellers and continue to engage with your customers on social media. Join an Etsy team based on theme or location to get involved in the community.

9. Go Global.

Etsy is a global marketplace, therefore your customers are globally based as well. Take advantage of this network and shop overseas to get exposure to an international audience. You can easily create and maintain additional shipping profiles to take your Etsy shop to the next level.

10. Stay Relevant.

Understand your craft and the industry. Some market trends are temporary or seasonal. Understanding how this affects your sales and products will help you to move smoothly throughout the year and find constant and ongoing Etsy success. Use the shop stats tool to analyze year over year trends as they relate to shop views, favorite items, and purchases.

11. Work Smart.

In your own Etsy business, time is money. What is not spent creating a new product is spent on marketing and growing your shop. Work smart in all aspects and take advantage of baked in tools that make running your Etsy shop easier. From sales and traffic features, use time management tips to create a successful business plan and set goals for growth. Use the Etsy mobile app to take your business anywhere with you.

Check out this post on 4 Small Business Time Management Strategies for some great tips.

12. Be Social.

Etsy has tools to help you socialize on the platform directly. From activity feeds to teams and a whole private messaging system, you can take advantage of these networking tools and bring your shop to a new level. Include additional links to your external social networking accounts on your shops About page so customers can connect wit you outside of Etsy.

13. Price for Profit.

Running a successful Etsy shop requires a good solid pricing plan. Your pricing structure can both appeal to buyers and includes a healthy profit margin for future growth. Calculate prices and factors based on your talent, point of view, as well as time and expenses. Don’t undervalue your work, your product, or your time.

Building a successful business takes time. You will be faced with many challenges along the way. Using your natural creativity will help you to overcome new barriers and reach exciting new milestones to eventual success.


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