Graphics design encompasses many business activities and specialties ranging from branding, advertising, web design, marketing, and more. Graphic designers are primarily responsible for creating logos, newsletters, signs, and various other forms of visual communication. This industry is estimated to be worth $14.6 billion in revenue and on track to grow at an annualized rate of 3.2%. These good graphic design business names are just some examples to the types of memorable names you can create for yourself to enter your own realm of future success in this thriving and growing industry.

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Tips for Choosing a Graphic Design Business Name

Choosing the right name for your graphic design business is essential to future branding and marketing initiatives. To choose a good graphic design business name, follow these great business tips.

1. Keep your store name short and simple.

2. Your graphic design business name should be easy to read, say, and remember.

3. Create a business name with meaning or a memorable message regarding your business purpose or mission statement.

4. Check the legal availability of your graphic business name.

5. The name should be expandable. Do not limit yourself to area or place.

6. Choose words that are easy to spell.

7. Purchase the website domain for your graphic design business name.

Best Graphic Design Business Names

A Graphic Design
Absolute Edge Design
All N Design Graphics
Arrow Development
Atomic Design
Bark Design
Best Graphic Design Artist
Creative Juice
Design Motion
Design Street Studios
Digital Online Graphics
Drawing from Memory
Dream Big Digital
Extremedia Group
Firebelly Design
Fishbrain Graphic Design
Fractured Pixels
Geminye Design Group
Good Monkey Design
Graphics + Design
Graphics Unlimited
Grey Box Creative
Hole Punch Design
Indigo Design
Infinity Web Design
Intrigue Graphic Designs
King Design Office
Kingdom Branding
Level Writing & Design
Lion Graphic Design
Logo Design
Lunar Media
Luxury Logo Design
Nile Graphics
Nth Degree Design
Point Five Design
Pop the Pixel
Potter Design
Red Letter Day Design
Revolution Graphics
Rise Design Lab
Shake Creative
Southern Graphic Designs
Spark Creative Design
Spotlight Graphic
Storyspace Design
Studio Jones Graphic Design
Studio Number One
The Logo Company
Think Studio
Undefeated Creative
Up Graphic Design
Use All Five
VIP Graphics
Visual Edge Graphic Design
Visualab Design
We Cre8
Yee Design

Graphic Design Business Success Story

Here is a great interview with a successful graphic designer as they discuss important social contracts, set backs, and dramatic turning points in his career.


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