With approximately $2 billion t-shirts sold worldwide each year, there is plenty of room for new screen print businesses. T-shirts used from recycled cotton help to prevent over five billion tons of textile waste annually. An estimated 62% of Americans own more than ten t-shirts. Screen printing is one industry that offers low barriers of entry to new sole proprietors. The internet gives endless possibilities to these type of artists. However, this also results in greater competition from DIY screen printers.

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As a fragmented industry where no company consumes majority of industry revenue, success is depended upon skill, design, and marketing initiatives. Customized apparel printing is one niche that has captured strong demand from consumers. For those looking to hop on board the custom apparel market, here are some great screen printing business names from existing artists and successful businesses on sites like Etsy.

Astral Attic Art

Banana Ink Shop

Black Ice Tees

Bold and Noble

Carousel Ink

Cool and the Bag

Cool in Fashion

Feathers on the Ground

Fire Daughter Clothing

Fly Trap

Free Bird Cloth

Gall Art

Hancock Creative Shop

Home State Apparel

I Screen You Screen

In Blue

Ink Spot Designs SA


Life and Style Print

Little Atoms

Make It Good Apparel

Methane Studios

Mint Afternoon

Nimbus Print Shop

Nomo Design Shop

Poutine Press

Print Mafia Designs

Printed Wonders

Raw Thread

Retro Screen Prints

Skip N Whistle

Sloth Wing Tees

Strawberry Luna

Suburban Basement

Tees To You

The Open Canvas

The Oysters Pearl

Time Printing

Twelve Pine and Co

Underground Gear

Zen Threads


Here is an inside look at some of the top influential screen printers in the Los Angeles area. These artists share an intimate look at their inspiration, art, and business. This video is a great way to receive the right encourage and inspiration to starting your own business today.

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