The global textile and apparel industry accounts is valued as being worth almost $3,000 trillion. The various segments of this industry are all expected to see an increase in growth for years to come. With the United States as one of the largest importers of garments in the world, the average household spends nearly $2,000 a year on apparel and related products and services.¬†With various fashion trends coming and going each year, unique fabrics and textiles stay in constant demand. China’s textile production accounts for almost 54% of the world’s total production.

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The United States textile industry is comprised primarily of yarn and fabric manufacturers that supply cotton, wool, and man-made fibers to customers of the United States apparel industry. Over a half million Americans are employed by this industry and remain the fourth largest exporter of textile products in the world. Joining this vast marketplace requires the right equipment and niche to be successful. Here is a look at some of the best fabric business names from existing business across the United States on found on sites like Etsy.

Tips for Choosing a Fabric Business Name

Choosing the right name for your fabric business is essential to future branding and marketing initiatives. To choose a great fabric business name, follow these great business tips.

1. Keep your store name short and simple.

2. Your fabric business name should be easy to read, say, and remember.

3. Create a business name with meaning or a memorable message regarding your business purpose or mission statement.

4. Check the legal availability of your fabric business name.

5. The name should be expandable. Do not limit yourself to area or place.

6. Choose words that are easy to spell.

7. Purchase the website domain for your fabric business name.

Best Fabric Business Names

All Size Foam and Fabrics
All Star Fabric
Allure Fabrics and Crafts
American Fabrics Co.
Angel Textiles
Asher Fabric Concepts
Blue Star Silk Corp
Butterfly Fabrics
Carnegie Fabrics
Coral Fabric
Corn Wagon Quilt Co.
Cotton Shop
Cupcake Fabric and Quilts
Cupcake Quilts
Day to Day Textiles
Design Tex
Design Tex Inc
Discount Fabrics
Dolly Fabrics
Duralee Fabrics
Fabric Art Shop
Fabric City
Fabric House
Fabric in Style
Fabric Outlet
Fabric Plus
Fabric Tent
Fabric Traditions
Fabric World
Fabrics & Fabrics
Fabrics Garden
Fabrics World
Fabscrap Shop
Fashion Fabric
Fine Fabric
Franklin Fabric
Gotham Quilts
Guide Fabrics
Harts Fabric
High Fashion Fabrics
Industrial Fabris Inc.
Interior Define
Keep Me in Stitches
Khan Fabrics
Magic Textiles
Metro Textile
Momentum Group
Mood Fabrics
Moon Fabrics
New Rainbow Fabrics
Next Fabrics
Perfect Finish
Queen of Raw
Recovered Interior
Room & Board
Second City Quilt Company
Sew Fine Fabric
Sew Precise Co.
Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore
Spandex House Inc.
Stitching it Up
Stretch House
Sunshine Sewing
Supreme Novelty Fabrics
Textile Discount
The Fabric Company
The Seam Shoppe
The Waste Shed
Tip Top Fine Fabrics
Twice By
Urban Environments
Vogue Fabrics
Wandering Stitches

Fabric Business Success Story

Here is a look at one business owner’s first year at successfully running her own fabric and sewing business. She shares how her business got started, and the highest and lowest points she experienced throughout the year.


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