The global dye and pigments market is valued to be worth more than $30 billion USD. From increasing demand for various applications of dyes in textiles, paints, and plastics, the marketplace is expected to experience continued market growth. Many businesses seek new technologies to remove environmental and hazardous pollutants found in the manufacturing process. In the United States alone, the market size is estimated to be worth $8 billion. More than 150 businesses exist that manufacture dyes and pigments as key chemical intermediaries. Offshore production and volatile commodity prices are expected to reduce revenue, but as prices improve, demand is expected to increase.

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For the small business fiber and/or yarn dyer, an estimated $0.57 in capital expenditures per every dollar spent on labor is expected to be incurred. Many businesses look to drive up sales volumes by purchasing equipment that allows the production and application of special effect pigments. This listing of business names for dyeing are from current existing businesses in the United States and serve as the perfect example to the type of business you can create for yourself online.

Tips for Choosing a Dyeing Business Name

Choosing the right name for your dyeing business is essential to future branding and marketing initiatives. To choose a cute dyeing business name, follow these great business tips.

1. Keep your store name short and simple.

2. Your dyeing business name should be easy to read, say, and remember.

3. Create a business name with meaning or a memorable message regarding your business purpose or mission statement.

4. Check the legal availability of your dyeing business name.

5. The name should be expandable. Do not limit yourself to area or place.

6. Choose words that are easy to spell.

7. Purchase the website domain for your dyeing business name.

Best Business Names for Dyeing

Apple Oak Fibre Works
Bombay Dyeing
Botanical Inks
Craft Wood Goods
Culla Change
Cupid Falls
Deep River Dyeing Co.
Dye Lab
Dyers Suppliers
Eccles Bourne Naturals
Fabric Dyeing
Family Roots
Fiber Huis
Finch and Beak
Fisher Textiles
For Every Cloud
Forests and Meadows
Green Matters Natural Dye Company
Hand Dyed Shoe Co.
Huddersfield Dyeing Company
Hunt the Moon Print
LA Dye and Print
Lee Dyeing
Margos Quilts N Fabric
Metro Dyeing
Natural Dye Studio
Nickelbee Art Studio
Ohna Colo
Pigeonroof Studios
Rainbow Feather Company Dye
Raw Fiber Arts Co.
Spin Dye
Spinny Buns
Standard Colors Inc.
The Dye Smith
The Natural Fibre Company
The Outside Dyers
Threads of Life
Toxic Textiles
Vienna Textile Lab
Weave Spin
Westlake Knits
Wind Rush Farm Wool
Wolfe Dye

Dyeing Business Success Story

Here is one peek into a studio and dye workshop where you can see and experience first hand where the magic happens. This will give you a little insight into what it is like to run and operate an indie hand dyed yarn business.


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