Weaving is commonly found in textile production and can encompass various methods of knitting, crocheting, felting, and braiding to bound fabrics and other textiles together. The oldest known textiles were found in the Americas and date back to 10100 and 9080 BCE made from plant fibers. Modern day textile production has shattered a past labor intensive industry filled with looms and spinning jacks. Many of these developments have contributed to energy conservation and pollution control.

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While the United States seems to have ended the golden age of textile manufacturing, present day has focused on the development of innovative and sustainable materials that offer greater value to consumers. Many old forms of weaving and looming are still practices today by various craftsman and artists. These creative ideas for weaving business names will encourage you to share your craft with others on a global scale online. These names are from currently existing businesses across the United States and various sellers on e-commerce sites like Etsy that sell their works around the world.

Baskets By Mona

Beyond Baskets

Clasico Art

Clever Delights

Craft Boutique NYC

Fabric Made

Fiber Infusions

Gift Baskets

Gifting Curves

Hair Hued

Lepetit Moose

Loom and Thistle

Mielkes Fiber Arts

Old Loom Handwovens

Petras Fiber Room

Quick Weaves

Scarlett Pines

Silk Divine

Slim Chicken

The Knit Store

The Spinnery

The Toadstool Garden

The Weave Bar

The Weave Loft

The Weaving Loom Shop

Two Tails Weaving

UpThread Baskets

Vertical Thread

Weave Studio

Weave Virgin

Weaving W’s

Wicked Weaves

Wild Woven

Windhaven Fiber Tools

Wool Couture Company

Here is one interview with an artist that turned a classic weaving technique into a modern day business. Operating out of her home, this Tulsa native used a loom she received as a college graduation present to create a home decor business that is thriving.

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