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No matter the type of crafter you are, you may find your inspiration suppressed by a craft room that is left in disarray and cluttered. Here are three of the top tips for getting your craft room organized that will resolve majority of your issues.

1. Invest in a Large Surface Area
There is nothing like trying to get a project done without adequate space available. Having a large surface area will allow you give yourself enough space to work while keeping essential tools and supplies at your fingertips.

2. Use Proper Storage
A combination of open and closed storage will create an organized area for your supplies. Closed storage solutions are great for items you may use occasionally. Open storage displays will offer some added inspiration while giving a proper home to more often used items.

3. Use Your Walls
Maximize your space by using wall displays to extend your storage. Pegboards can also be used to display completed projects for additional inspiration or store craft tools.


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