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According to the Craft & Hobby Association, Crafters account for almost half of the United States population. 47% of crafters have reported being crafters for ten or more years. At least 62.5 million people last year participated in one or more crafting activities.


Crafters are more likely to be female, have larger households, have children, and be younger than non-crafters.
This is broken down into the following statistics.

• 72% are women
• 2.94 average amount of people per household.
• 42% have children
• Median age is between 35 and 44.

Size of Craft Communities

The average crafter reported working on 2.96 crafting categories, resulting in a three times more than estimated average of crafters in the below communities.

1. Scrapbooking/Card Making/Paper Crafting – 23 Million
2. Painting/Drawing/Calligraphy/Print Making – 21 Million
3. Cake and Food Decorating – 18.8 Million
4. Fabric/Sewing Crafts – 18.7 Million
5. Jewelry Making – 15.8 Million
6. Crochet – 14.7 Million
7. Kids Crafts – 14.3 Million
8. Other Crafts – 14.3 Million
9. Cross Stitch/Embroidery/Needlepoint/Needle Felting – 13.6 Million
10. Knitting – 11.9 Million
11. Ready to Decorate Wood – 10.3 Million
12. Floral Crafts – 9.9 Million
13. Sculpture/Pottery/Glass Painting – 6.8 Million
14. Ready to Decorate Fashion Crafts – 5.1 Million

Top 10 Craft Segments by Sales

According to a 2010 report published by the Craft & Hobby Association, the following ten crafting segments ranked the highest among consumer spending. Collectively, these segments account for 53% or $15.443 billion of total industry sales.

1. Woodworking/Wood Crafts – $3.322 Billion.
2. Drawing – $2.078 Billion.
3. Food Crafting – $2.001 Billion.
4. Jewelry Making – $1.446 Billion.
5. Scrapbooking and Memory Crafts – $1.440 Billion.
6. Floral Decorating – $1.303 Billion.
7. Crocheting – $1.062 Billion.
8. Card Making – $1.040 Billion.
9. Home Décor Crafts (Non-Sewing) – $948 Million.
10. Wedding Crafts – $803 Million

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