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I have been receiving quite a bit of requests on alternative sites to sell like Etsy but are FREE for crafters. Here is a list compiled of 15 sites that are free to set up shop for crafters. If any readers have had experience with these sites that they would like to share with other readers, feel free to post in the comments below and contribute your thoughts.

These sites are primarily listed under eCommerce online stores for sellers, wholesale offerings, and shopping. Most of these sites come with free online store builders and no upfront fees. As always depending upon your chosen payment option when selling, transaction fees are charged for services such as Paypal and others.

1. eCrater.com
2. Bonanzle.com
3. Blujay.com
4. Epier.com
5. UBid.com
6. Onlineauction.com
7. vstoreauction.com
8. Ioffer.com
9. Ebid.net
10. Oscommerce.com
11. Storenvy.com
12. Mals-e.com
13. Thefreeauction.com
14. Atoncer.com
15. Webs.com

2 Bonus Sites:
16. Freewebstore.org
17. Auctionfire.com

10 Advantages of Free Selling Sites

Bring your business into an ecommerce environment can provide a seller with the ability to reach a broader audience and increase their business potential. Here is a listing of some advantages of selling on free ecommerce sites.

1. Fast and convenient buying/selling process.
2. Increased opportunities to operate on multiple venues.
3. Be open for business 24/7 a day, 365 days a year.
4. Low overhead costs, maintaining minimal expenses.
5. Easy to start, maintain, and perform.
6. Operate business efficiently.
7. Inexpensive advertising and marketing options to draw traffic.
8. Enable coupons and marketing newsletters to directly connect with customer.
9. Ability to provide an endless amount of information to customers.
10. Create niche markets by targeting customers and communication.

10 Disadvantages of Free Selling Sites

1. Anyone can start a business causing less credible sites to diminish quality and credibility of marketplace.
2. Technological failures causing your business to go down.
3. Risks of hacking or scam buyers.
4. Lack of making personal connection with buyer.
5. Have to ship goods causing potential delays in receipt or risk of lost/damaged packages.
6. Limitations on what you can sell due to distance.
7. Inability for customers to see the product first hand before purchasing.
8. Competition is not limited to your neighboring stores; you compete with the whole world online.
9. Plentiful goods available online can drive down your profits.
10. A few bad reviews or feedback posted can kill your brand reputation.


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