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Taking the necessary steps to get organized isn’t just for the purpose of making things neat and clean, but lessening your mental clutter as well. By following these ten easy steps to organization, you will notice an increase of productivity and peace of mind.

1. Have a clear set of goals and objectives.

This is the most important tip to keep in mind. Before you can start to get organized, you need a path to follow. Create milestones for yourself when undertaking large scale projects to celebrate smaller accomplishments while heading towards completing larger ones.

 2. Make a to-do list.

By writing down your tasks, you can release some of the mental weight you suffer from trying to remember everything you have to do by specific days and times. One way to lessen this load is to write it down and use your to-do list as a point of reference.

 3. Remove clutter from your desk.

If there is clutter all over your desk, it will make it hard for you to focus on any unfinished tasks that need completion. Prioritize your projects and keep things around you that only pertain to active projects you are working on.

 4. Put things away when you are done.

One way to make your mental clutter heavier is being surrounded by physical clutter. Minimize this impact by taking 15 minutes a day picking up things that are left lying about. Make this job even easier by having a designated spot for everything in your home.

 5. Save time by consolidating tasks and errands.

By consolidating tasks, you can get related activities done quicker while saving time for yourself.

 6. Maximize your space.

By making the most out of your space, your home will become easier to maintain and clean each week giving you more time to tackle other unfinished projects. Maximize your space and increase the functionality of your home by smartly organizing your most used possessions.

 7. Put idle time to use.

Have a little extra time during the day? Use this time to work on a smaller activity, relax and browse through a magazine or book, find inspiration, or take a short walk. This time will increase your productivity later in the day.

 8. Set time limits for all your activities.

This will not only help you keep on schedule throughout the day, but also allow you to focus more effectively mentally on individual priorities knowing that additional time is already set aside for other tasks.

 9. Set time aside for yourself.

Make an appointment with yourself for at least 20 minutes a day of uninterrupted time allow you to refresh, catch up on an unfinished task, and have some quite time.

 10. Make the end of your day easy.

Reserve the quickest and less mind consuming tasks for the end of the day. Therefore, they can be easily accomplished and lead you into a positive and relaxing evening.


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