As more people flock to an urban style living environment, lofts and studio apartments are becoming more popular. While this seems as an attractive way to live, certain elements of space definition and privacy lack in large open spaces. The following room divider ideas will help you to redefine your small space while added an attractive element to your home.

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1. Twine and Fabric Tri Fold Screen Room Divider

This tri fold style room divider consists of two covered fabric panels to provide a bit of light and distorted view. The middle panel offers several slats of wood where twine is wrapped and intertwined between. Simple 1in by 2in boards can be used for the middle with 2in x 3in board used for the frame. Fabric is stapled onto the frame and hinges applied to the end to give it folding capabilities for easy storage or added balance.

Twine and Fabric Tri Fold Screen Room Divider

2. Colorful Curtain Divider

A simple curtain divider can be used by adding pipe that equals the length of the wall or attaching a curtain rod for smaller spaces. Simply hang up sheer and colorful curtains that can easily be pulled away or tied for increasing openness and easily closeable when you want privacy.

Colorful Curtain Divider

3. Vinyl Record Room Divider

This hanging room divider is as retro as the materials it consists of. Using old vinyl records, spray paint them white and punch holes on the sides, top, and bottom to connect with rings. Attach the top with simple wall hooks they can drape from. Add a more colorful element by spray painting a few of the records with bright colors for a little added pop and design.

Vinyl Record Room Divider

4. Upcycled Pallet Divider

Using old pallets is a great way to grab a hold of free materials to build this sturdy room divider. The room offers a shutter appeal to the room while also doubling up as a billboard or memory board to hang pictures and notes on.

Upcycled Pallet Divider

5. Hanging Panels Room Divider

Sheets of vinyl or acrylic offer great surface to add color and unique designs to. You can easily hang these down from the ceiling in a series of three panels. If you want something more solid, get some MDF board instead to cover with fabric or paint directly onto. This panel design is another good option for those that choose a more lightweight materials and rather hang down three panels of sheer fabric instead.

Hanging Panels Room Divider

6. Wall of Bamboo Divider

The wall of bamboo divider is a great option for nature enthusiasts who want to bring in more of the outside, indoors instead. Using thick boards for the top and side, add in bamboo chutes to create a wall with style that also acts as a room divider.

Wall of Bamboo Divider

7. Modern Pipe and Floating Shelf Divider

This is a more modern option for those that want to bring a little industrial touch into their space. Using two smaller 2in x 3in boards for the top and bottom, add square and rectangular boxes for floating shelf spaces in between.

Modern Pipe and Floating Shelf Divider

8. Cube Shelving Room Divider

For those wanting to make the most of their space, adding cube shelving divider will extend your storage abilities while also separating your room into smaller spaces. Add doors onto the cube unit to create a more hidden storage appeal or attach squares of partial see through acrylic sheets on one side.

Cube Shelving Room Divider

9. Chalkboard Tri Fold Screen

Using the same directions to making a tri fold screen, add in a slate of MDF board and cover with chalkboard paint to convert into an organizational tool for your room.

Chalkboard Tri Fold Screen

10. Floating Acrylic Square Panel

Using small acrylic squares, decorate with pictures or memorability and attach by drilling holes into the corners and adding wire to connect. Hang from a pole, curtain rod, or galvanized pipe at the top.

Floating Acrylic Square Panel

Bonus: How to Make a Wooden Tri Fold

An easy video tutorial on how to construct a wooden tri fold screen using a few boards, a drill, staple gun, and fabric.


  1. Hi, there. I’m looking for hanging room dividers but I don’t want curtains. I want a hard surface like your “5. Hanging Panels Room Divider.” We had those in an office I used to work in and I always loved the idea. Where do you buy those? I’ve seen some places that just sell craft sheets but I want something larger, about the size of a door. Thanks for any help sourcing!

    • These were originally Ikea, but they seem unavailable now. There are some options available for wall dividers that are a hard surface. I would recommend searching the term “wall panels” as well to broaden your shopping options. The broadest selection I have been able to find is on Etsy. There are a lot of laser cut options for hard surface panels. Good luck searching!


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