Types of Watercolor Brushes

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Knowing what type of watercolor brush to use for your project will help to bring your image to life. The most common types of watercolor brushes used by artists are rounds, flats, mops, and riggers.

While working with watercolor is seen as more forgiving than other methods, taking proper care of your brushes will help to extend their life and prevent the hairs from spreading out over time. Cleaning your watercolor brushes regularly will ensure you remove all pigment, dirt, and binder that embeds itself into the hairs over time.

How to Clean Your Watercolor Brushes
To clean your brushes, simply grab a bar of soap and paper towel following the below step by step directions.

1. Place your brush under warm running water.
2. Gently dab and swirl the brush in your palm until the water runs clean.
3. Moisten your bar of soap, rubbing the soap into the brush hair in a circular motion.
4. Rinse and repeat until suds stay white and brush is clean.
5. Do a final rinse to remove all residual soap.
6. Shake and squeeze any remaining water out of the brush, using paper towels to dab out the excess.
7. Reshape the brush hairs to their original look with your fingers, laying them flat to dry on a hand towel.


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