Part of running a successful paper craft business is figuring out what type of craft you will be fabricating with the paper. This type of business is considered to be one of the least expensive of all arts and crafts start up businesses. With only basic supplies and tools need, most of the production is labor and design. Many paper mache artists have found success in their craft with an increase in global trade and culture knowledge.

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For many groups in foreign countries, they use paper crafts and paper mache as a means of sharing their culture and craft with others through design and their artistic skills. If you are looking for making your own contributions into this diverse industry, here is a look at some awesome names for a paper mache business from other existing businesses that serve as a great inspiration to taking your first step today.

Tips for Choosing a Paper Mache Business Name

Choosing the right name for your paper mache business is essential to future branding and marketing initiatives. To choose an awesome paper mache business name, follow these great business tips.

1. Keep your store name short and simple.

2. Your paper mache business name should be easy to read, say, and remember.

3. Create a business name with meaning or a memorable message regarding your business purpose or mission statement.

4. Check the legal availability of your paper mache business name.

5. The name should be expandable. Do not limit yourself to area or place.

6. Choose words that are easy to spell.

7. Purchase the website domain for your paper mache business name.

Best Names for a Paper Mache Business

All the Memories
Artfully Healing
Bent Edge Alchemy
Blue Rooster Arts
By the Creek Creations
Caribbean Craft
Craft Supply House
Crafts Unlimited
Creativ Company
DIY Vinci
Dub Studio
Endured Visionary
Epic Fantasy
Epoch Finds
Fine Paper Art
Fresh Batch Vintage
Gourmet Paper Mache
Heartland Home Shop
Joy To The World Collectibles
Kraft Chic Designs
Little Crafty Bugs
Mad Hippo Art
Marvelous Paper
Mountain Love
My Magic Zoo
Natures True Art
Never Ending Creations
Oh So Fancy Party
Our Craft Creations
Paper Cave
Paper Goat
Paper Mache Monkey
Paper Mache Tiger
Paper Port
Paper World
Papier Mache
Papier Moon Primitives
Praire Rose
Present Company
Raggedy Pants Designs
Ranger Doodle Art
Simply Modern Goods
Studio Arthead
Studio Bello Art
The Broken House
The Business of Fashion
The Cedar Shack
The Little Blue House
The Paper Moon Factory
The Parade Company
The Vintage Glitter Co.
Third Shift
Treasure Whimsy
Treasured Paper
Vintage Envisionary
Wire Paper Paste N Paint
Wrap Works

Paper Mache Business Success Story

Here is a look at one episode of ‘How Its Made’ as they show you Paper Mâché Animals being made for larger scale production.


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