3 Easy DIY Wedding Projects That Save Money

DIY Wedding Ideas

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Cost can quickly add up for the bride to be. Every personalized touch does not have to break the bank. With the average florist costing almost $2,000 for a wedding and favors and invitations exceeding another $500, the wedding of your dreams can quickly send you into a downward financial spiral. All these costs can amount to you spending $200 total for each guest. To trim some fat off your expenses, these easy to make DIY wedding projects will save you some money for more important items.

Mirror Candleholders for the Table

These delightful table decorations will cost you only $2 to $4 dollars a table. All you need are some small glass mirrors, fabric rose petals, candle holders for some candles, and a candle of some sort. These can be pillars, tealights, or votives. To bring this added personal touch to life, choose your mirror type, select your candle and arrange them in the center of the tables. Sprinkle rose petals about and light the candles.


Another inexpensive idea costing the couple only a few bucks are creating your own cocktails. All you need are some wine glasses, alcohol and choice of mixer, colored paper for a menu, and photo frame. Create your own specialty drink menu on paper after choose some of your favorite recipes. Frame the name of your signature drink and stock the self serve bar with glassware. Serve and drink responsibly.

Framed Chalkboard

Display your message to your guests by making your own framed chalkboard. Simply grab some colored pencils, a frame, mini chalkboard, and wedding tulle ribbon. Outline your message in the center of the chalkboard and fill in with your color pencil of choice. Secure your chalkboard to your frame and fasten the wedding tulle ribbon from the frame to the hooks. Hang from the back of chairs.

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